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Acquiring Russian citizenship can be fairly easy you want to move to Russia

Acquiring Russian citizenship can be fairly easy you want to move to Russia

Obtaining Russian citizenship through investment

You’re thinking of setting one up on the spot, or you’re simply interested in investing in Russian businesses if you have a business.

To be eligible for a citizenship predicated on investment, you’ll need certainly to match the following requirements??:

  • very Own a company in Russia that is been active for at the least three years before the you file your application year. Have actually paid fees and insurance efforts towards the Pension Fund when you look at the title associated with the company into the level of at the least 1 million rubles throughout the specified three years.
  • Have actually owned when it comes to three years ahead of the 12 months of filing the citizenship application at the very least 10percent of stocks of the Russian company that runs in Russia in a government-specified field that is economic. The business’ total share capital must add up to 100 million rubles as well as the annual fees and insurance coverage efforts compensated by business must add up to at the least 6 million rubles each year.

Acquiring Russian citizenship through naturalization

Technically there are two main kinds of naturalization procedures, “general” and “simplified,” however, despite their names, there is small distinction between the two procedures rate or simplicity-wise. Whatever the title, the simplified procedure is maybe perhaps not easier. To utilize, you’ll need certainly to be described as a resident of Russia, this means you’ll need certainly to hold a short-term residence license (TRP) and for that reason, the complete means of getting citizenship through simplified naturalization can certainly still simply just just take the absolute minimum of 2-2.5 years?. (más…)

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